Menu (English)

A1 Spring Rolls Vegetable spring rolls(2 pics) 春卷     3.00
A2 Pot-Stickers Pan-fried pork dumplings(8 pics) 锅贴     5.99
A3 Steamed Dumplings Steamed  pork dumplings(8 pics) 蒸饺     5.99
A4 Crab Angles Crispy wonton w. crab imitation & cheese(6 pics) 蟹角     4.99
A5 Chicken Kabob Fried bamboo skewered marinated chicken(4 sticks) 鸡肉串     4.99
A6 Beef Kabob Fried Bamboo skewered marinated beef(4 sticks) 牛肉串     5.99
A7 Green Seaweed Salad Healthy green seaweed salad with sesame 芝麻海白菜     6.99
S1 Wonton Soup Hand-made pork wontons in chicken broth 云吞汤      1.99
S2 Hot & Sour Soup Vegetarian love our Hot & Sour Soup, prepared daily with bamboo strips, tofu, egg drop, and wood-ear; 酸辣汤      1.99
S3 Egg Drop Soup Egg drop soup flavored in creamy corn 蛋花汤      1.99
S4 Chicken Corn Soup(2) Creamy egg drop Corn Soup  added chicken 玉米鸡汤     4.99
S5 Sizzling Rice Seafood Soup Sizzling rice shower in clear soup with crab imitation, scallop, shrimp, and snow pea 锅巴海鲜汤     7.99
Chicken & Duck
We use white meat for chicken dish
C1 General Tso’s Chicken Stir-fried glazed chicken with our Spicy General Tso’s Sauce  佐宗鸡    11.99
C2 Sesame Chicken Stir-fried glazed chicken with our special Sesame Sauce rounded by green broccoli  芝麻鸡    11.99
C3 Sweet & Sour Chicken Puffed chicken sautéed with peppers, carrots, pineapple, onion in Sweet & Sour Sauce 甜酸鸡    12.99
C4 Orange Chicken Stir-fried glazed chicken with peppers, onion and our Orange Sauce  橙皮鸡    11.99
C5 Kung Pao Chicken Sautéed diced chicken with water chestnut & peanuts in Spicy Kung Pao Sauce 宫保鸡    10.99
C6 Cashew Chicken Sautéed diced chicken with green onion, cashew, and Brown Sauce 腰果鸡    12.99
C7 Hunan Chicken Sautéed sliced chicken with peppers, bamboo, broccoli with SpicyBrown Sauce 湖南鸡    10.99
C8 Moo Gu Snow Pea Chicken Sautéed sliced chicken with mushroom, snow pea, and light White Sauce 蘑菇雪豆鸡    11.99
C9 Broccoli Chicken Sautéed tender sliced chicken with broccoli and Brown Sauce 芥兰鸡    10.99
C10 Pineapple Chicken Sautéed chicken with pineapple, carrots, snow pea, and light Pineapple Sauce 菠萝鸡    11.99
C11 House Special Duck (Traditional) 1.Sichuan smoked duck(half)                              2.Tasty Sichuan Duck; braised(half) 樟茶鸭    四川香鸭    15.99
C12 Walnut Chicken Sautéed sliced chicken with snow pea, mushroom in light White Sauce & Walnut 核桃鸡    12.99
C13 Ginger Smoky Duck (Traditional) Sautéed smoked boneless duck with ginger, peppers, and green Onion 姜爆樟茶鸭丝    18.99
Lemon Chicken
Glazed chicken with Lemon;  Lemon Sauce 柠檬鸡    12.99
C15 Scallop Chicken Sautéed scallop & chicken mix with zucchini, bamboo, broccoli, carrot, etc., Brown Sauce 带子鸡    14.99
C16 Black Bean Chicken Sautéed chicken with bell peppers, mushroom, onion; Black Bean Sauce 豆豉鸡    11.99
Beef & Lamb
(We use premium beef & Lamb)
B1 Mongolian Beef Stir-fried tender sliced beef padded with rice vermicelli and onion,  Mongolian Style  蒙古牛     11.99
B2 Orange Beef Battered Beef sauteed with broccoli, peppers, onion, orange skin in Spicy Orange Sauce 橙皮牛    12.99
B3 Broccoli Beef Stir-fried tender sliced beef with broccoli in Brown Sauce 芥兰牛     11.99
B4 Green Pepper Beef Stir-fried tender sliced beef with peppers, onion in Brown Sauce 青椒牛     11.99
B5 Basil Beef(lamb)-(traditional) Sauteed tender sliced beef or lamb with fresh Basil and mushroom in Brown Sauce; Traditional 香叶牛(羊)    15.99
B6 Scallop Beef Stir-fried Scallop & Beef combined with Veggie Mix; in Brown Sauce 带子牛    15.99
B7 Cumin Lamb(Beef)-(traditional) Our signature cumin lamb or beef rounded with broccoli sautéed with Cumin Powder  孜然羊(牛)    15.99
B8 Sichuan Filet Mignon Sautéed tenderloin with Mushroom & Broccoli in our House SpicyBrown Sauce 四川牛柳    16.99
B9 Peppercorn Filet Mignon Sautéed tenderloin with onion, broccoli, black pepper in our Special Black Pepper Sauce 黑椒牛柳    16.99
B10 Kung Pao Filet Mignon Stir-fried sliced beef tenderloin with peppers, water chestnut, and peanuts in spicy Kung Pao Sauce 宫保牛柳    16.99
B11 Chrysanthemums F. M. Sautéed tenderloin with mushroom rounded with broccoli in  our Special  Brown Sauce 菊花牛柳    16.99
B12 Hunan Beef Sautéed tender sliced beef w. bell peppers, bamboo, and broccoli in SpicyBrown Sauce;  湖南牛    12.99
B13 Sa Cha Beef Sautéed tender sliced beef with vegetable mix in our  Sa Cha Sauce 沙茶牛    13.99
B14 Double Delight Beef Sautéed tender sliced beef with bamboo shoot and snow pea in Special Oyster Sauce 双冬牛    13.99
B15 Pickle Beef – (traditional) Sautéed tender sliced Beef with Bamboo shoot and Pickled Pepper 泡椒牛    16.99
(Size 13-15 jumbo tiger shrimp used; Add additional 1 for $2 )
SF1 Orange Shrimps Sautéed glazed jumbo shrimp(8) w. peppers & onion in Spicy Orange Sauce 橙皮大虾    16.99
SF2 Veggie Shrimps Sautee or Steam jumbo shrimp(8) with vegetable mix in Brown Sauce 素菜大虾    15.99
SF3 Kung Pao Shrimps Stir-fried jumbo Shrimps(8) w. peppers, water chestnut, peanuts in SpicyKung Pao Sauce 宫保大虾    15.99
SF4 Walnut Mango Shrimps Sautéed Jumbo Shrimps(8) w. frost walnut, mango, snow pea, and mushroom in White Sauce 核桃芒果虾    16.99
SF5 Broccoli Shrimps Sautéed jumbo shrimps(8) with fresh broccoli in our Brown Sauce 芥兰大虾    15.99
SF6 General Tso’s Shrimps Sautéed glazed jumbo shrimps(8) circled by broccoli in Spicy General Tso’s Sauce 佐宗大虾    16.99
SF7 Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce Jumbo shrimps(8) wok-boiled w.  mushroom, green pea, carrot in White Lobster Sauce 虾龙湖    16.99
SF8 Salt & Pepper Shrimps (Traditional) Sautéed breaded Jumbo Shrimps(8) with chopped bell peppers & onion; Salt & Black Pepper  椒盐大虾    17.99
SF9 Scallop Shrimps Sautéed scallop combined with jumbo Shrimps(4); in Brown Sauce 带子大虾    16.99
SF10 Seafood Triple Delights
large shrimps, scallop, crab imitation mix pour over sizzling crispy rice; White Sauce (traditional)
三鲜锅巴    13.99
SF11 Hong Kong Shrimps Sautéed Shrimps(8) with crispy shallots & Garlic, and peppers in Hongkong Style  避风塘大虾    18.99
SF12 Hunan Shrimps Sautéed shrimps(8) w. bell peppers, bamboo, and broccoli in Spicy Hunan Brown Sauce 湖南大虾    15.99
Fish & Lobsters
F1 Sautéed Fish(traditional)  Sautéed Basa filet w. bamboo shoot, mushroom, tomato, & snow pea in White Sauce (traditional) 鲜溜鱼片     12.99
F2 Salt & Pepper Fish(traditional)  Sautéed breaded Basa filet w. black peppers & onion (traditional) 椒盐鱼片     13.99
F3 Mushrooms Fish(traditional)  Sautéed healthy mushroom mix with our Special White Sauce (traditional) 六菌烩鱼片     16.99
F4 Snow White Fish(traditional) Sautéed basa filet with sliced king oyster mushroom in White Sauce (traditional) 王子菌熘鱼片     15.99
F5 Steamed Whole Fish(traditional)
1. Steam boneless Tilapia w. fresh or 2. Steam boneless Tilapia w. ginger & green onion
剁椒鱼  姜葱霸王鱼     18.99
F6 Hot Boiled Fish(traditional) Hot-boiled filet with assorted veggie(s) – Sichuan Traditional Style 水煮鱼     14.99
F7 Lobster Special Two( 1 lb each) w. two flavors to choose from Ginger & Scallion or Hong Kong Flavor 特价龙虾  Market Price
F8 Spicy Sichuan Fish(traditional) Slowly braised filet with our Spicy Sichuan Bean Sauce & garlic 豆瓣鱼片     14.99
P1 Moo Shu Pork Stir-fried Shredded pork, mushroom, bamboo, and cabbage w.plum sauce wrapped in 4 pan-cakes  木须肉     11.99
P2 Salt & Pepper Spare Rib St. Louis spare ribs sautéed in two ways: Salt & Pepper Style or Peking Style  椒盐(京都)排骨     13.99
P3 Pork in Garlic Sauce Chinese love our stir-fried pork, bamboo strips, and wood-ear in Spicy Garlic Flavor  鱼香肉丝     10.99
P4 Bamboo Pork (traditional) Chinese kids love sautéed pork with bamboo slender and dry tofu 香干肉丝     10.99
P5 Pork with Plum Sauce (traditional) Sautéed pork strips in Plum sauce Sichuan Style covered with Shredded Green Onion 京酱肉丝     13.99
P6 Moore Pork (traditional) Sautéed pork strips with Moore(wood-ear) and our pickled peppers in traditional Pickle flavor 木耳肉丝     12.99
Vegetables & Tofu
V1 Sautéed String Bean You can choose green bean either with or without ground pork. 干煸四季豆      9.99
V2 Eggplant in Garlic Sauce Clay-pot eggplant stir-fried in Garlic sauce;Tradtional flavor 鱼香茄子      9.99
V3 Vegetable Mixes Veggie mix from broccoli, snow pea, dry tofu, zucchini, mushroom, etc. Brown sauce 素什锦      9.99
V4 Ma Po To Fu (traditional) Silken healthy Tofu sautéed with Grandma’s Chili sauce( Numbing or no Numbing flavor) 麻婆豆腐      9.99
V5 Broccoli in Garlic Sauce Broccoli sautéed in Garlic sauce 鱼香芥兰      8.99
V6 Sautéed Snow Pea Tips Chinese love sautéed green snow pea tips with or with garlic flavor to choose from 清炒豆苗     11.99
V7 Mushroom & Bok Cai Boiled green Shanghai Bok Cai with black mushroom in Whtie Sauce 冬菇菜心     11.99
See Traditional pages for more vegetable dishes
Fried Rice
FR1 House Fried Rice Mixed with chicken, shrimp and beef with assorted vegetables, 本楼炒饭     10.99
FR2 Shrimp Fried Rice Shrimp with egg, carrots, green pea, and onion; 虾炒饭      9.99
Beef Fried Rice Sliced beef with egg, carrots, green pea, and onion; 牛炒饭      9.99
Chicken Fried Rice Shredded Chicken with egg, carrots, green pea, and onion; 鸡炒饭      8.99
FR5 Pork Fried Rice Shredded pork with egg, carrots, green pea, and onion 肉炒饭      8.99
FR6 Vegetable Fried Rice Broccoli, green pea, carrot, onion 菜炒饭      7.99
Pan-fried Noodle
PF1 House Pan-fried Noodle Crispy slim noodle w. medium shrimps, chicken, Beef, and veggie mix; Brown Sauce 本楼两面黄  13.99
PF2 Shrimp Pan-fried Noodle Crispy slim noodle covered in jumbo shrimps(8) and veggie mix; Brown Sauce 虾两面黄  16.99
PF3 Beef Pan-fried Noodle Crispy slim noodle covered in beef, veggie mix; Brown Sauce 牛两面黄  12.99
PF4 Chicken Pan-fried Noodle Crispy slim noodle covered in chicken, veggie mix; Brown Sauce 鸡两面黄  11.99
PF5 Veggie Pan-fried Noodle Crispy slim noodle covered in mixed veggie; Brown or White Sauce 菜两面黄  10.99
Lo Mien
LM1 House Lo Mien Soft noodle stir-fried with Medium Shrimps and assorted veggie 本楼捞面  10.99
LM2 Shrimp Lo Mien Soft noodle stir-fried with Medium Shrimps and veggie 虾捞面   9.99
LM3 Beef Lo Mien Soft noodle stir-fried with beef and veggie 牛捞面   9.99
LM4 Chicken Lo Mien Soft noodle stir-fried with chicken and veggie mix 鸡捞面   8.99
LM5 Veggie Lo Mien Soft noodle stir-fried with Mixed veggie 菜捞面   7.99
/Wine and Beer
Red Wine / Cup  Kendall Jackson  Black Stone
红葡萄酒  Cabernet Sauvignon; Merlot   8.99   7.99
White Wine / Cup  Kendall Jackson  Ecco Domani
白葡萄酒  Chardonnay; Pinot Grigio   8.99   7.99
梅子酒  Plum Wine   6.99
绍兴米酒  Shaoxing Brown Rice Wine   6.99
日本清酒  Japanese Sake   6.99
Beer / Bottle
美国啤酒(Domestic Beer) Budweiser, Bud Light; Miller Light   3.75
中国啤酒(Chinese Beer) 青岛啤酒; Tsingtao Beer,   3.50
进口啤酒(Imported Beer) Sapporo; Heineken; etc   4.50
Note: No self-catering wine and beer consumed on the premises. 谢绝自带酒水。
/饮料/Tea and Beverage
茉莉; 乌龙; 菊花茶; 普洱  1. Jasmine;              2. OoLong,              3. Chrysanthemum; 4. Pu Erh   1.75
软饮料  Coke; Diet; Sprite; Fanta   1.50
 Orange Juice; Apple Juice   2.00
冰茶  Sweet; Unsweet Ice Tea   1.50