Went there for dinner with my husband. The ambiance is great, very clean. Their customers are mainly Asians, which is wonderful to see because that usually means the food is good. Indeed, it was. We ordered Steamed Dumplings (there are 8 pieces) as an appetizer, those were so fresh, so yummy, I can’t forget them. For entree, I got chicken fried rice, nothing special, just your standard chicken fried rice. My husband ordered Smoked Duck, it was pretty good. The place is filled with large tables where families come out to enjoy a meal together, everything is served family style, although you order separately, you share with others at the table, it’s pretty cool. Definitely will return!


Having been born and raised in Chengdu, the capitol and heart of Sichuan (or formally, Szechuan) cuisine, this is the only authentic one in the Atlanta metropolitan area. I can’t comment on their English menu (i.e. if you can’t read chinese to order off the mandarin menu) as I’ve never ordered anything off of it, but this is were my family go. This is the closest you’ll get to Chengdu street food within a hundred miles, although the spiciness of the food is understandably dialed down for “general consumption.”
If you’re a native like me, and all of the spiciest sauces you can find at any thai, wings (esp. buffalo wild wings– you call that “death” sauce spicy?), or any other restaurant you can find, definitely let the cook know you want to be served the real deal, then top if off with ground chili pepper for the hometown taste.


This place serves the real deal. Fast service and authentic Sichuan food. Best mapo tofu. Other more exotic fare is also savory and full of explosive flavors!

Luke Tay

I knew we were in the right place as soon as I noticed we were the only non-Asian diners there. Ordered braised duck and tea smoked duck (do you see a pattern?) and were served huge platters of meat.

The smoked duck, compared to the one at Gu’s Bistro (my other favorite Chinese place), had a little less smoke and tasted a little more of duck. It was terrific.The braised duck was juicy and had big flavor. We did however pull off the skin as we didn’t need the extra fat.

The meat came with a big bowl of plain white rice, which we didn’t touch. It would have been too dry on its own and we didn’t want to drench it in soy sauce.

It’s almost a 20-mile trip here for us but it was so worth it. Looking forward to eating my way through the traditional Chinese menu, not the Americanized version.


Very authentic Chinese food . clientele is usually more than 70 percent Asian which speaks to the authenticity of the menu